65-79 F250/350 Lift Info

Hi, and thanks for the interest in our F250/350 lifts.

We offer both 3” and 5” lifts for these trucks, but we will need some information and a few pictures of your truck’s suspension. First, we need to know the year and kind of cab you have (standard cab, crew cab, or super cab).

We will also need to know if it’s a short bed or long bed truck.

There are 4 different possibilities of F250/350, and we need to determine which is your truck to be able to process the correct parts!

Is your coil bucket flat on top or is the top of the coil spring raised about 2 inches above the shock mount hole?(Required)
What size is your king pin?(Required)
To find this out, remove the top cap of the spindle, clean the grease out until you see the top of the king pin. Small kingpin will measure .860 or 7/8”, large kingpin will measure 1.060 or 1 1/6”!
Which way is the tie rod joining the steering arm of the spindle?(Required)
The spindle steering arm is next to the wheel, NOT the pitman arm!
What is the width of the beam measured near the coil?(Required)
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 50 MB.
    This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    The pictures above are of the top of the coil bucket (pic 1), a picture of the front of the spindle and brake caliper (pic 2), a picture of the front of the passenger side beam (pic 3), and a picture of the steering arm on the back of the spindle (pic 4).

    Please duplicate these pictures of your truck and be sure to fill in the form so We can get hold of you.

    Thanks for letting us help with your project.

    Which cross member do you have under the bell housing? Are there 2 bolts joining to the stock radius arm pivot bracket, 5 inch wide ? Or only one bolt, 2 1/2 inch wide? Now let’s get more confusing, Is your truck an extra cab or crew cab truck? The frame on these trucks could be taller under the cab and require a good picture of the side of the frame where the transmission cross member is and a measure of the height of the frame.

    Normal frames are 6 inches tall, Tall frames usually are 7 inches tall The side profile picture I need to determiner which radius arm brackets we will provide. This is needed for long arm kits only. Which radius arms do you have? Early trucks had forged arms, later models came with rolled and welded steel arms. Another big help for us is to remove the left front wheel and take pictures of the coil bucket and the back side of the spindle front and rear, showing the tie rod bolted to the steering arm. A good picture of the beam in front showing the beam from the pivot to the coil is helpful.

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