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Established in 1977, AUTOFAB stands for AUTOmotive FABrication. Our experience includes completing racing vehicles for many areas of motorsport such as the tough Baja 1000, rallies, drag racing, and circle track. We also specialize in off-road race car preparation, custom pre-runners as well as engine conversions of all types.

This catalog contains a list of the products from AUTOFAB that thought was necessary and hard to find. If you don’t see something you are looking for or need assistance, please call (619) 562-1740.

Performance Product Catalog

Autofab Extra Wide Bronco/F150
Wide track 4wd
6-inch wider hub to hub with 20 plus inches wheel travel capability.
Equal length tie rid steering system
Radius arms with rod ends
Twin Traction beams with mono balls
Beams reinforced, skid plate included
Wider rear end available

Autofab Extra Wide Ranger 4×4
Model 44 conversion
F150 track width when completed (8″ wider)
20″ plus wheel travel capabilities
Equal length tie rod steering system
Read bed kit with 18-inch wheel travel
Radius arms with rod ends
Beams reinforced and mono balls installed
Skid plate included
Wider rear end available

Bronco Rear Travel Kit
16″ Rear Wheel Travel using stock spring mounting
Custom Progressive leaf spring packs
3 shocks per wheel custom bolt-in cross members
Custom lower shock brackets locate on existing mounts
2 link kits are designed to control spring wrap-up on power and cycle correctly for full travel
Eliminates spring fatigue, sagging, and breaking, common when using softer spring packs.

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