Get Ready For The 2017 Norra Mexican 1000 Rally!

2017 Norra Mexican 1000 is just a couple of days ahead and we’re really excited about this edition.

The 1,300+ mile off-road rally through Baja California is one-of-a-kind, it’s four days of excitement that includes vintage off-road vehicles and motorcycles, as well as modern pre-runner trucks, buggies, motorcycles, and Rally Raid cars.

In this year’s edition, some of the trucks are running with our parts, and some of them have logged over 3000 miles off-road with no problems!

Here are some pictures of the trucks we have fixed, repaired, and rebuilt including the legendary Frank Vessels!

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Norra!

532 stroker installed and fired up. It had a battery problem. Noisy valves were also adjusted. The motor sounds awesome! Front shocks at Mirage for some expert help from Bill Varnes.

Full floater Dana 60 housing custom built by Sandy Cone Racing. 456 gears, spool, and Cone 40 spline axles push the Autofab spare parts truck for over 1300 miles of Norra racing. This Cone rear end has already logged over 3000 miles off-road with no problems. We have 6 tires on the way with thanks to the BFG Racing/Jackson Motorsports racing program for all racers. Good people!

Preparing for Norra race. Special thanks to Darin Brandvig and Ryan Grinder for their fine preparation work and advice. We rebuilt the rear suspension with new main leaves provided by Billy Spring in Lakeside Ca. After 15 years of use, I finally broke the main leaf. These springs were original National Spring packs that have been tortured for years. Darin is rebuilding the Fox Bypass Shocks and making valving changes. Special thanks to Bill Varnes of Mirage Racing for expert input and Fox parts.

Dialing in the radiator, shroud, and fan for the later model 460 external balanced engine. At the same time, we built a spare radiator ready to bolt in. Thank you to Greg at Total Performance racing engines for his expert machine work and advice. New heads provided by my friend and competitor Mart Stahl Racing, Competition Roller Cam, lifters, and aluminum rocker arms. Greg recommended Probe pistons to compliment our new Scat Performace crankshaft and Eagle forged rods.

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