1992-96 F150/Bronco Bumper Kit Instructions

1992-96 F150/Bronco frame horn modifications

Cut off the old bumper mounting brackets, layout, and cut frame horns as shown. Top mark for a cut about 2 inches back. Bottom mark for a cut in line with front body mount bracket edge.

Above picture inside left frame horn. When fitting the frame horn assemblies make sure they are level to the frame so the finished bumper will look level. Tack all parts first then check the fit of the front main bar to the bolt-on bumper brackets. Continue fitting until the main tube looks correct to the front end.

Outside of left frame rail showing relation to body mount bracket. Note: Remove welded sway bar mounts as they will interfere with the new frame horn construction. 2nd picture shows the finished frame horn bracket welded in place.

Finished frame ready for new frame horns to be welded on. Note relation to body mount.

Right side ready for frame horn kits. Note how the new frame horn brackets line up with the body mount frame bracket edge. It is important to make sure the frame horns are square and even in height. Most Broncos need to have the body mounts replaced using urethane cab mounts available from Autofab. This will square up the body on the frame and make the bumper look more correct. Most Trucks with stock rubber body mounts have to have shims to align the radiator/grill support. A stock bumper will tend to hide this but a nice tube bumper may show how uneven the grill is to the frame. Take time to measure this before final welding.

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