Ranger Middle of the Road Lift Instructions

Ranger 2wd Middle of the Road Installation Instructions.

NOTE: These are the basic instructions to install a Ranger 2wd wheel travel kit. Feel free to comment on these if you think we need to add to them.

One important thing I would like to point out is that your kit comes unfinished, bare metal. We feel these are racing parts with a lot of workmanship in them and our advice is to mount everything first, check out for fit, trim your inner fenders, etc.

Do the crossbar over the motor if you have a hoop kit, FIRST! Then take it apart to do your finish works i.e.: paint or powder coating.

This is the best way to approach the job with good results. It is more work to do it this way but in the long run, you will save time and hassle, also your finished truck will look better.

1. Apply parking brake & block rear wheels before beginning

2. Jack up vehicle & secure with jack stands on the frame

3. Remove front wheels

4. Remove front shocks

5. Starting with one side at a time, loosen the I-beam pivot bolt

6. Loosen the radius arm nut at the cross member to allow the suspension to droop

7. Remove the brake caliper & brake hose completely from the truck ( you will have to install new brake lines later)

8. Remove the coil spring by removing the nut at the bottom of the spring mount-you may have to bend back the hooks at the top of the spring in order to pry It from the factory coil bucket

9. After the coils have been removed, disassemble the I-beam & radius arm, and then remove them from the truck.

10. Remove rivets and hardware holding the radius arm cross member and parking brake cable bracket. Mount the radius arm brackets- when installing the driver side bracket, don’t forget to also install the parking brake cable bracket, as it uses one of the same mounting holes. There is one longer bolt included for this location. The front holes on the new pivot brackets locate in the rear hole of the original cross member pivot bracket assembly. The 2 holes going up will have to be drilled. On the passenger side, the frame has a rolled edge that needs to be straightened out or cut to fit the bracket.

11. Assemble the radius arm to the pivot bracket pay attention to the washers as they are marked front and back Then install the I-beam to the radius arm with the big 3/4 inch bolt. Leave bolt loose for now and swing the beam up into its bracket and bolt it in. Put a stand under the beam so you can finish the assembly. Some kits use a bolt-on lower shock mount. Assemble this pay attention to the left and right, as they will be different. After installing both sides, bolt in the coil springs using the original hardware on the bottom and the bolt and bracket provided for the top.

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