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Kecks Ranger

Mike Keck came to Autofab inquiring about wheel travel kits and questioned the stock Ranger brake system with larger tires. He was not happy with the brakes as they were. We suggest our Model 44 front end Kit. Larger bolt circle, bigger brakes and proven Bronco/F150 TTB traction system. The rear end is a stock F150 with posi and 4:56 gears. Autofab front and rear travel kits featuring Autofab equal length tie rod steering system. Track width of an F150 making use of Autofab fiberglass fenders, hood and bedsides. 18 inches wheel travel front and rear. Stock bed was retained with cut outs for suspension work and removal of existing outer skins. Front and rear suspension entirely bolt on.

Custom built rear tube bumper with hitch receiver and spare tire mount. Fox 2.5" racing shocks 16" stroke angled forward to allow  9" Ford rear end to swing 18" of travel. Custom leaf spring pack with Autofab 2 link anti-wrap up kit. Rear bed kit completely bolts in making use of Autofab bushing assemblies and custom bracketry. Mounting points include the front spring hanger, Middle of the frame over the rear end bump stop, and the very back of the frame behind the rear shackle. All stock Ranger mounting brackets have rivets removed, reinforcing fab work done and are bolted on with grade 8 hardware. All rear components including the bed can be removed leaving just a bare frame. Nothing is trapped by welding cage tubes to the frame typical of back yard fabrication.

Above pictures show the Autofab equal length tie rod steering system. Eliminates left side toe change caused by the short tie rod connected to the stock drag link. Greatly improves on road and off road handling. Allows for more than 15 inches of front wheel travel typical of stock tie rods. I noticed when driving my Ranger at freeway speeds with high cross winds the biggest single improvement. Before the truck would feel unstable and dart from side to side. Now it tracks straighter with better steering feel.


Autofab rear 18" wheel travel system using custom leaf springs, Autofab 2 link anti wrap up kit, Rear bed kit for 16" travel shocks. Bed kit is entirely bolt on making use of Autofab bushing assemblies and cage mounting brackets.