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Darins Ranger

Darins 1983 Ranger 2wd longbed truck. Autofab flared fenders, bedsides and drop center hood. Custom front bumper or push bar assemblied from an Autofab front bumper kit. Prebent tubing, special brackets , tabs and skid plate available in a you fit and weld kit form. Autofab part # RB-8392. Autofab fiberglass hood comes with hinge panel part #RH101, 4 inch bulged front fenders have a nicely design larger wheel opening and bolt on like stock!. Part # RF104.

Longbed sides part # BS201 are hand laid with 6 ounce cloth backup for high strength and light weight. These parts will last many years, are easily repaired and will not rust!

Bedsides can be installed onto the existing bed by first removing the entire bed skin. Bolting the perimeter and adding a mount on both sides of the wheel well is recommended. Use the Autofab trick fender mounting kits for this. Or some folks prefer the aircraft Dzus fastener.