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1965 – 1979 F100 / 150 2wd Twin I Beam Front 5 inch lift kit

5-inch lift kit for 1965-1979 F100/150 Ford trucks.

Availability: This lift kit is made to order, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for processing.

Shipping is calculated and billed separately. You will be contacted after your order is placed.


Autofab starts each lift by first installing new beam pivot bushings and then straightening the beams to their original condition. The beams are then bent for both camber and caster alignment using Autofabs strict specifications. Recommended tire size for our 5-inch lift package is 33 to 35-inch tall tires or the metric equivalent.

Our 5-inch lift kits include Autofabs’ extended radius arm package, the extended radius arms, new radius arm bushings, new radius arm hangers, and all grade 8 hardware. We extend the radius arms, on the 5-inch lift, to ease the angle on the radius arm bushing. Our radius arms are either the formed steel or cast steel radius arms, depending on the year of your truck. We also provide our custom fabricated radius arm hangers. Our hangers are made to accommodate the increased angle of the radius arm bushing after the truck has been lifted.

All of Autofabs ’65-79 Twin I Beam lifts include our own adjustable tie rod. This tie rod allows proper toe-in adjustment of both wheels independently of one another while keeping the steering box in the center of its’ travel.

A core charge may apply to this kit.

This lift requires either a core charge and return of your good used beams and radius arms, or your good used parts for us to perform the work on. If you would prefer for us to perform the work on your parts, then a core charge doesn’t apply. But you will need to send us your parts first. Turn around is usually 3 weeks, excluding shipping time.

Please note, this is a non-stocking item, each lift is made to order.


Autofabs’ I beam, bent and aligned for 5 inches of lift.
Autofabs’ 5-inch lift coil springs.
Autofabs’ extended radius arms with new radius arm bushings.
Autofabs’ own design radius arm hangers and grade 8 hardware kit.
Autofabs’ adjustable tie rod.


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    Add driver's side tie rod, tie rod end, and coupler for a completely refurbished steering system.
    Add Double Shock Mounts to the front of beams.
    If you are sending us your beams to bend, the core charge is not required.
    If you are sending us your radius arms then no core charge is required.
    Add Autofabs' steel braided brake lines.
    Option for rod ends on your radius arms please indicate in the selection box. This option includes 2 Heim joints, special pivot hangers with spacers, and hardware.
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