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1982 Bronco

Originally a stock 1982 Ford Bronco, 351windsor, C6 transmission, and 9-inch rear end. Autofab front fenders, hood, and rear quarter panels. Dave Ashley style fiberglass front fenders produced for the Rough Rider racing team. This Bronco features our fully functional fiberglass tailgate.

Fiberglass hood available with hinge panel weighs about a third of the stock steel hood. US Border Patrol bought these hoods when they were using the Broncos. The stock metal hood when subjected to off-road use continually would tear the hinges out of the firewall. Using an Autofab fiberglass hood with hinge panels eliminated the problem. Part #FH203. Autofab hoods can also be made race or lift-off style.

Rear quarter panels are designed to lay on top of existing metal sides.

Most of the existing sheet metal sides will be removed leaving enough material to make mounting points.

View of the right rear panel after installation.

Right side after cutting and tab work.

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