Doug Irvine 79 4 door

1979 Ford F350 4 Door 2WD, owner Doug Irvine of Michigan. Custom Autofab18″ wheel travel front and rear suspension, Autofab flared short bedsides with larger wheel opening. He is also running Autofab flared front fenders and drop center hood. 460 engine for power and a Dana 60 rear end to put it to the ground through a C6 automatic.

Rearview showing a custom Autofab 18″ wheel travel rear suspension tied to the interior roll cage constructed by owner Doug Irvine. Utilizing one-ton hangers for custom-built 3-inch wide National leaf springs and Autofab 2 link kit to control wrap up. One 3″ diameter Fox racing shock per wheel. Autofab fiberglass bedsides.

Autofab 18″ wheel travel front suspension under construction. Features adjustable coil spring bucket for fine-tuning the ride height. Shock hoop structure for 16″ travel Fox 3″ diameter racing shock with an external reservoir. Autofab front travel kits are completely bolt-on with minimal welding required. Autofab tube bracket and bushing assembly on top of the hoop provides and nice engine crossbar mount. Autofab hub assemblies manufactured by Sandy Cone Industries compliment the one-ton beams and spindles. These hubs ride on stock one-ton bearings and seals for convenience. Equipped with 5/8″ studs, rotor adaptor, and Cone mounting brackets for Willwood Calipers and rotors.

An integral part of this front end kit is the Fox 2.5″ air bump stops. These allow for tuning the final 4 inches of wheel travel under the extreme bump. Note the highly reinforced Ford steel radius arms and coil seat. Behind the steering hole is the lower limit strap mount. Autofab makes the radius arms with rod ends and about a foot longer than stock. The new rear pivot brackets locate under the transmission cross member. Note the fabricated beam pivot brackets welded into the coil bucket positions the beams one inch per side wider. Allows better clearance for 35-inch tires.

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