Travis’ Ford Super Duty 2WD conversion to Twin Traction Beam 4wd

Travis wanted his 2 wheel drive Ford Superduty converted to a 4 wheel drive truck. Did we ask him why not just buy one? He did not like the straight axle front end and wanted the earlier Ford Twin Traction Beam or TTB front end installed instead and asked if we could do the job. Of course, custom work like this is right up Autofab’s alley. We determined that using the 1996 F350 TTB front end was the best choice in order to adapt to the Superduty brake calipers and larger rotors.

This involved machine work to change from the standard 8 lug pattern to the Superduty metric 8 lug pattern. Since a selection of metric wheel studs was not available we chose to convert front and rear too?” diameter off-road race studs and lug nuts. This required machining the wheels to accept the flange style wheel nuts. For simplicity, we chose to fabricate a coil bucket with Autofab’s adjustable feature on the coil spring. In addition, we added Fox 2.5 diameter race shocks especially valved to suit the weight of the front end.

Special fabricated beam pivot brackets and custom made radius arms completed the swinging TTB front end. We made the necessary modifications to accommodate the stock super duty steering.

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