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1965 – 1974 Disc Brake Conversion

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The early Ford F100/150 2WD trucks didn’t have optional front disc brakes until 1969 and were not standard until 1973. We have put together a front disc brake conversion kit for the early Ford Twin I Beam F100/150 truck owners. This kit includes everything you will need to convert your 1965-1974 F100/150 drum brake front end to the later model F100/150 disc brake. Our kit is unique in that it is not a mish-mash of different parts of various manufacturers ‘ vehicles with specially made adapters. Our kit is made up of all stock-style parts. You will be able to service your brakes and wheel bearings by simply ordering parts for a later model F100/150. Our disc brake conversion kit features a factory Ford pair of spindles that have been cleaned, inspected, painted, had an Autofab kingpin and bushing job performed on them, and have the bearing seat and seal surface repaired. We only use Moog king pin kits with premium bronze bushings. The plastic bushings are totally inadequate and wear out quickly. The brake calipers are also a factory Ford rebuilt part.

The drum brake master cylinder will not be adequate for your disc brake conversion. So, Autofab provides a new disc brake master cylinder with your kit. The brake lines on the disc brake trucks are different, so, your existing brake lines will need to be modified to fit the new master cylinder by a qualified mechanic.

The stock drum brake tie rods are different than the stock disc brake tie rods. So, we have provided the option of purchasing the correct steering parts from us. We offer Autofabs’ own threaded drag link that makes setting toe-in easier and more accurate than the factory non-adjustable version. This part is not available anywhere else. Along with our new left side tie-rod, tie-rod end, and new threaded coupler, this is a complete steering refurbishment kit.

Please note, 1965 F100/150 has a different lynchpin location in the I-Beam. We will need to modify the new kingpin to fit these trucks. Please check the option box below for these trucks.

The following parts are included in our kit:

Ford spindles with the new kingpin and bushing job and new bearing and seal seat
Rebuilt Ford brake calipers with new brake pads
New disc brake master cylinder
New rotors with studs
New brake hardware kit
New brake flex hoses
New brake line mounting hardware
New brake hose bolts
New wheel bearings
New wheel bearing grease seals
New spindle nuts and cotter keys
New bearing dust covers


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Provides proper lynchpin location for 1965 F100/150 trucks.

Add steering components for disc brake conversion.

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