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1999 Only Ford Super Duty 4WD Track Bar / Sway Bar Repair Kit

1999 Only Ford Super Duty F250, F350, Excursion 4WD Track Bar / Sway Bar Repair Kit. Note: F450 and F550 trucks both 2wd and 4wd use the same track bar / Sway Bar repair kit. Note: March 22 of 1999 and newer come with the larger 21mm track bar/ Sway Bar bolts so check your bolt size. you may need 2000 up a repair kit.

Availability: PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE THE STEERING STABILIZER SHOCK Please add the optional bracket.


This part fits only 1999 up to March 22 production date trucks. Ford Super Duty, Excursions, and F450/550 trucks (2wd and 4wd) built-in 1999, all had leaf spring front suspension that utilized a track bar / Sway Bar to help control the front-end housing and improve steering response. Ford’s track bar / Sway Bar bracket was under-designed and has been known to crack and break off of the front housing. Fords’ solution to repair this is to replace the entire housing as the track bar / Sway Bar mount is welded onto the front end. At a cost of nearly $2000 for housing and then a significant labor bill, this is an expensive choice.

Autofab has created the “Super Duty Ford Track Bar / Sway Bar Repair Kit” to solve this problem. Our repair kit is manufactured from two layers of 1/4″ thick steel and is significantly stronger and better designed than the original Ford part. Our repair kit requires removing the remainder of the original track bar / Sway Bar mount and welding on the track bar / Sway Bar nut location tab. A qualified technician should perform this work. There are instructions for the work provided here.

Some of the Super Duty 4X4 trucks and Excursions use a steering stabilizer. If your truck has this, you will need our Super Duty steering stabilizer mount. We purposely built this part separately and it is available here.

We have found that the main cause of the mount failing is the loading of the track bar / Sway Bar to one side. After our repair kit is installed, the track bar should bolt in without pushing the front end over. Autofab now offers an adjustable track bar / Sway Bar to solve this issue. If you need our adjustable track bar/ Sway Bar, click here.

If your spring perch and sway bar mount is damaged, we have a solution for that. Click here.


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