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1965 – 1979 F250 Ford Truck 2 Wheel Drive 3″ or 5″ Lift Kits

Availability: These lifts are made to order, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for processing.

Please note: Due to the 4 different possibilities involved with Early Ford lifts, you must call your order in.

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Shipping is calculated and billed separately. You will be contacted after your order is placed.


For 1965 to 1979 F250 medium-duty Ford 2-wheel drive trucks with twin I beam front suspension. Basic 3 inch front suspension lift includes coil springs, Autofab adjustable drag link for right wheel, 1 set of medium-duty small kingpin Ford I Beam aligned for 3-inch lift. Ford beams are inspected for kingpin fit, straightened to factory specifications, have new pivot bushings installed, and are adjusted for both camber and caster alignment. Small kingpins measure 7/8 inch in diameter. You can measure the washer under the nut with the grease fitting at the top or bottom of the spindle. If the washer measures 1 1/8″ in diameter, it will be a small king pin spindle. Also, the tie rod most of the time will go in the bottom of the steering arm next to the wheel and tire and the nut and cotter pin will be on top of the steering arm. Please keep in mind, this pricing is for small kingpin F250 trucks only that come with the standard flat top coil bucket. The standard flat top coil bucket has the top of the coil level with the shock mount hole.  Beams are subject to a refundable core charge of $600, please select that option unless you plan on sending us your beams first.

We also do F250/F350 large kingpin, big coil bucket, camper special trucks, etc. but pricing will change depending on your particular front end. Please send for question sheet for these trucks as we will need pictures and more information. F250/350 trucks have 4 different possible combinations, and we want to be sure that we are sending the correct parts. We will do a phone order on these trucks! 


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