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65-79 2 Inch Wider F Series Beam Pivot

Increases track width for 1965-1979 for F series 2wd trucks.


Autofab now makes a replacement beam hanger that increases the front track width by 2″. We recreated the original 2 piece 2wd F series beam hanger, but we also pushed the beam pivots 1″ in to widen the front end by 2″. This can compensate for the wheel coming inboard on most bent beam lifts. You will need to remove the stock rivets and drill the existing holes to 1/2″ in order to mount our new hanger. You will also need to order our longer tie rod with these beam hangers. We will have this available on the website soon. This hanger is made with the same quality that Autofab puts into all our engine mounts and other suspension brackets, however, this product is not intended for use on off-road vehicles, we have much more substantial parts for that kind of application. These mounts are sold as a pair, one mount for each side.


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