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Curious about what have been the Top 10 Bestselling Products from lately?  You might see something you like. Here is our official list: SKU: B125B125 bushing $3.70 Add to Cart SKU: B100B100 bushing $3.00 Add to Cart SKU: FMG OnlyFender Mount Grommet Only $3.25 Add to Cart SKU: IS125Inner Sleeve BA125 $2.55 Add to [...]

Jeep Motor Mounts

If you are a proud Jeep owner, one of the things you’ll definitely want to check are the motor mounts on your Jeep. Off-roading can put a lot of stress on the stock mounts from all the twisting and turning and the stock mounts tend to fail with all the abuse.

Team Autofab’s 2018 Norra Mexican 1000

I want to tell the story of Team Autofab’s latest running of the 2018 Norra Mexican 1000. This was the 51st anniversary of the first race down the length of the Baja Mexico peninsula and after our team’s great run last year we’re all excited to be back in Mexico and hungry for our first class win after coming in second the last three years in a row.

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Established in 1977, AUTOFAB stands for AUTOmotive FABrication. Our experience includes completing racing vehicles for many areas of motorsport such as the tough Baja 1000, rallies, drag racing, and circle track. We also specialize in off-road race car preparation, custom pre-runners as well as engine conversions of all types.

Get Your Truck Ready For The Desert Fun

Desert season is around the corner and it’s time to get your toy ready for it. Whether you need a suspension upgrade or to complete a frame repair job, at Autofab, we have everything you need to get your truck ready for the new races to come. Check out our products and services:

Category’s 2nd Place at 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000″

The 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 race is over, and we are very excited to announce that we got 2nd place in the category “Vintage Open Truck with Rear Leaf Springs VOTRL”, and 30th overall. Considering there were a lot of fast cars and drivers, the results were great.

Get Ready For The 2017 Norra Mexican 1000 Rally!

The 1,300+ mile off-road rally through Baja California is one-of-a-kind, it’s four days of excitement that includes vintage off-road vehicles and motorcycles, as well as modern pre-runner trucks, buggies, motorcycles, and Rally Raid cars.

DIY Truck Frame Repair

Got a rusted or damaged truck frame? No worries, with our truck frame repair kits we make it easy to breathe new life into your favorite off-road ride. At AutoFab we manufacture many items used to repair frames, track bar mounts, and chassis brackets. Learn more details about our Truck Frame Repair Kits and contacts us with any questions that may arise in your project.

The Autofab Spare Parts Truck races the 2016 Norra Mexican 1000

This year, John along with driving partners and long-time friends Rick Bagwell and Don Moss made it to 2nd place in Votrl (Vintage Open Truck with Rear Leaf Springs) category! This is proof that working hard and being constant pays off.

Welcome to The New!

We welcome you to our newest website, AUTOFAB.COM. Our goal is to help you find all the Bronco parts & services you are looking for. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance navigating through our site. Check back here often or follow us on Facebook.

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